Busy Man Finally Gets Laid

Bernard is the human resource manager of a big company that manufactures beauty products. He is an expert at what he does and this is why the CEO entrusts him with all the complicated tasks of the company. This is why he never gets time to quench his sexual thirst.

He always comes home late and has no time for serious a relationship. One day he decided to check the internet and came across an adult escort agency that had really good looking ladies. There is one particular escort that gets his attention, so he explores into her profile and sends her a message.

This is his first time trying out something he always hears of, since he lives a tiresome miserable life. The hot brunette replies to his message after 30 minutes and they start chatting. They chat for a while and he asks her out. She accepts a date that would take place the following evening and he bids her goodnight before he finishes his office work and retires to bed.

The next day, Bernard is so excited in the office at the thought of going for a blind date that evening. This day, he finishes his work earlier than usual and goes straight to the hotel they were to meet. Once there, the hot brunette walks in and she is looking excessively beautiful in a tight-fitting red dress.

The two talk and Bernard requests her to join him in the room he had already booked. She accepts the offer. She knew exactly what Bernard was lacking so as soon as they open the door to the room, she pushes him onto the bed, shuts the door and gets on top of him. While sliding up on top of him, she presses her breasts to his chest, gives him a tongue-penetrating kiss and unzips his pants.

He reaches for her thong and pulls it down. After a session of sucking, she feels his penis pulsing to the tip of climax. His groan or pleasure excites her and she rides it like a pro. The moment is so intense and it doesn’t take long before the sex starved Bernard cums. They stare at each other and laugh; after just a few minutes Bernard is ready to go again.

The experience was so wonderful that Bernard now has a standing appointment with his lady in red every Thursday.

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